Pressure Washing Tips for Beginners

Pressure Washing Tips for Beginners

Pressure Washing

You might not be able to see the grimy, dirt, and surface contaminators buildup on the exterior in your house at once. This collection of dirt isn’t a reflection on your cleaning or home upkeep capacities. You can use a pressure washer to remove the dirt and bring your home exterior back to the original condition.

If you use the pressure washer without knowing how to do it properly, the result might lead to lots of damage to the property. Let’s get a basic understanding of how to remove the dirt and bring your home exterior back to life.

What is the best? Electric power or Gas power pressure washer?

The pressure was has a pump to increase the pressure of water following through the attached hose. Some pressure washers pump is powered by Gasoline and some are powered using electricity. Both have pros and cons.

Gas power pressure washer typically provides higher pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI) and gallons of water per minute (GPM) than an electric version. The extra power allows us to clean the surface muck quicker. Let’s discuss what are the pros and cons of both approaches.

Gas Power pressure washer


  • provide a wide range of PSI and GPM
  • clean faster more efficient than electric
  • are cordless. easy to move and use in anywhere


  • Need consistency maintenance, periodically change the oil in pressure washer
  • Louder than electric pressure washers
  • Produce emissions. so cannot use in indoors or covered spaces

Electricity power pressure washer


  1. Do not produce harmful emissions
  2. Can use any indoor or covered spaces
  3. No need to worry about oil changes
  4. Less maintenance cost and long last


  • Less power output compared to gas pressure washers
  • For a large area, it takes a much longer time to clean
  • Need to have a power outlet so that this is not portable

What is the best size to select?

Whatever pressure washer you select, you have to consider and make a decision about the size of the engine. Here the size of the engine is calculated by the total power of the unit. Larger engines produce much water pressure compared to small engines.

They are in 4 types

Light Duty
-Pressure level under 2000PSI.
-A better option for the occasional outdoor household item or a small deck

Medium Duty
-Better option for home’s siding, driveway, fencing, small jobs around the house
-Water level between 2000 and 2800 PSI

Heavy Duty
-A better option for cleaning large areas of concrete, reach a second story
-Pressure washer reach pressure levels between 2900- 3300 Psi

Extra heavy duty
-Better to handle many work hours
-Produce pressure level of 3300 PSI and higher

Nozzle to select

The size determines the power of the machine. Nozzle determines the angle of the water stream. The angle is important because it affects the job that water can do. For example, a narrow-angle spray is more powerful than large-angle spray.

Types of nozzles are listed below.

produce spray angle of 65 degrees.
Spray is light
Won’t remove dirt or strains
Use this king of nozzle to make the surface wet

most user-friendly nozzle
produce 40 degrees spray
white-tipped nozzle is suitable for window and sidings

Produce 25-degree spray
Well for all type of household pressure washing
Better to wash a car, clean mildew on your patio furniture or deck

produce 15 degrees of angle
better for wash concrete around your house

Produce zero degrees and arrows angle
Can cause lots of damage
Be careful when using it
Don’t use a red-tipped nozzle up close to any surface

How do I do pressure washing?

Pressure washing (high pressure cleaning) can be a hectic job. Can cause much damage to not follow the proper parts and safe tips.

Considering the below tips before using a pressure washer

  • Considering below tips before using a pressure washer
  • For any pressure washing job, be sure to wear eye protection and hearing protection
  • They produce much noise and water will sparks backs to you. Before starting the job make sure you are protecting your ears and eyes.
  • Hold the pressure wash securely by both hands until you are confident with the pressure washer. Otherwise, it will fly out from your hands causing damages to you or outer surface.
  • Make sure that you keep the spray tip at least 18 inches away from the cleaning surface. Otherwise, there might be lots of damage to the surface.

If you think that pressure washing on your own makes you uncomfortable, contact a professional pressure cleaners instead.

Concrete pressure washing

On concrete mildewed areas and stains are easily figured out. But the collection of dirt for a while on concrete need much powerful pressure washing to remove the dirt from the surface.

If you would like to pressure wash your concrete driveway, don’t forget to use the below supplies.

  • Use the below supplies.
  • High GPM pressure washer
  • Hello tipped nozzle about 15-degree spray
  • Stiff scrubbing brush
  • Cleaning solution for concrete surfaces
  • Protective gear – goggles and gloves
  • Concrete sealer

High pressure washer stream might cause damage, therefore make sure you are taking all precautions. Do not hesitate to contact professional high pressure cleaners if you feel that you are not ready to do the job for yourself.

Anyone would love to take good care of their home. Outdoor driveways and concrete surfaces get dirty much quicker than indoor. You can use pressure washers and clean by yourself indoor and outdoor if you are confident with the job. However, if you feel that it is a hassle, you would rather let someone else take care of the pressure washing, contact the best high pressure cleaning specialist, for you.

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