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Tile Repair & Regrouting Services ​

Tile repair and regrouting process involves a number of steps which require experienced professionals. Aspen Services staff are thoroughly trained to carefully carry out maintenance work on such tiles in a way which restores tile work without damaging it. Whether it be regrouting or fixing broken tiling, Aspen Services provide solutions for your tiled surface problems and aid you in achieving professional tile repair and regrouting results. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your tile-related problems with us today!

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Silicon Replacing

Although there are silicone sealants readily available to buy, misadventure with self-application can leave you with unsatisfactory outcomes. At Aspen Services, our technicians are responsible for carrying out initial inspections of the area being detailed, followed by preparation of the area by thoroughly cleaning any pre-existing grime and mould to ensure a successful application. The silicone sealant we use is a high-grade product, which is economically friendly and designed to provide long-lasting durability. Most importantly, silicone replacing with our industry grade silicone will provide protection from possible future events of water damage. It’s cost-effective and can be performed in a swift manner, so speak to us today about how we can help you access this exceptional service!
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Tile Repairing

Tiling is commonly found in areas which are regularly utilised such as the bathroom and kitchen, making the tiled work susceptible to wear and tear. Tile repairing is an affordable and a more practical alternative to retiling an entire space, and still be able to achieve comparable results. Our team at Aspen Services are equipped to solve many tiling issues such as cracked, stained and loose tiles. With the right tools and skills, we can transform any form of tiled surface including but limited to mosaic, ceramic and marble tiles. We will take care of the complete process from inspection and solution provision, followed by professional tile repairing methods such as replacement, grouting and silicone sealing. Get in touch with our helpful team to discuss how we can help restore style and elegance to your tiled space with a swift tile repair service.

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