Top 5 Methods of Stain Removal
August 16, 2021

Even though there are a number of stain removal cleaning services available out there, still can’t you quite get rid of the various stains in your home? There are different types of stains such as rust stains, oil stains, mold stains, paint stains, algae stains and many other types of stains. Because of them, we have to face various troubles in our daily life. But now the time to face those troubles is over. Yes, here are the 5 best solutions for stain removal cleaning.

1. Using Baking Soda

Did you know that baking soda is a good stain removal cleaning solution that is always found in the kitchen of your home? Baking soda is a good and inexpensive method that can be obtained at a very low cost and can be used to remove fine stains. Baking soda helps you keep your clothes fresh and reduces the smell of the fabric. It is also safe for all fabrics, including baby bedding. Besides, Baking soda helps to increase detergent activity and soften fabrics.

2. Using a Sponging Method

Sponging is another useful stain removal cleaning method and it’s one of the very popular methods used by many people to remove stains. It’s a stain removal method that can be done in home without extra effort. A stainless steel teaspoon is the tool used for this stain removal process. Now, let’s see how this sponging method is use to remove stains. Hold the spoon by the bowl and move it back and forward, and then utilize brief and light strokes. Specially remember that you shouldn’t press down the teaspoon. This method is utilized on light and delicate surfaces.

3. Lemon or Lime Juice

Lime juice is a very valuable medicine, our ancient ancestors used it as an antiseptic, and also Lime and lemon juice have long been used as a stain remover. The acetic acid in lime and lemon juice helps in oil stain removal, rust stain removal and many other stain removal cleaning methods. If you spray a little lime or lemon juice on colored clothing, you need to remove the juice before it bleached the color of the cloth. However, you can use a lemon juice on a white cloth to remove the yellow underside or rust stains.

4. Brushing

Brushing is used to remove dried stains. Some stains such as dried satains and mud stains can be 100% removed by brushing stain removal cleaning. When treating other sorts of dry spots, brushing is the primary step. Brushing maybe one of the final steps you need to use to remove absorbent or dried glue from a surface. Utilize a little, stiff-bristled brush for this stain removal cleaning strategy. A toothbrush works excellently on little stains.

5. Pretreating

Pre-preparation encourages the removal of little stains, particularly oil stains and greasy ones. Adamant soil on collars, sleeves, and socks is simple to remove after pre-treatment. When pretreating the stain, apply the stain remover specifically to the stained area. For pre-stain treatment, you can use liquid cleanser, dirt and stains remover spray, soap bar, or pre-made glue and water.


Almost every family has to face various troublesome because of a number of stains. Many people have not been able to remove moss stains, oil stains, rust stains and other stubborn stains properly. Therefore, we bring you these five stain removal cleaning solutions that are inexpensive and very easy to apply. So, we hope that you can use these above-mentioned stain removal methods to make your daily routine much easier.