Frequently Asked Questions

At Aspen Services we charge $350 per square meter. However, discounts apply if both grout and sealing is done at the same time. Please let us know during consultation process.

The cost of hiring a cleaner in Brisbane can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type and frequency of cleaning required, the size of the space being cleaned, and the experience of the cleaner. At Aspen Services, we offer competitive pricing and flexible service packages to fit any budget.

We offer driveway, patios, block paving, crazy paving, walls, concrete pavement, pool side, decking, tennis court and car park pressure washing. We can pressure wash it all leaving the area looking brand new.

We clean and seal range of tiles including Marble floor tiles, Victorian tiles, Stone tiles, Travertine, Slate, Quarry tiles, Terracotta, Stone paver, Ceramic tiles, Polish Concrete, Granite, Bluestone, Limestone, Porcelain tiles, Terrazzo tiles and Concrete

Aspen services use the best silicon available on the market. Silicon we use is waterproof in both indoor as well as outdoor areas and comes with 12 years lifetime guarantee.

We use special indoor tile grout cleaning machines which enables effective removal of dirt from the grout lines. This reduces any damages to surrounding areas and effectively seal grout line

It takes approximately 2-3 hours per 100 square meters.

Aspen Services use safe and environmentally friendly chemicals to remove graffiti on outdoor areas. We use 6000 psi pressure clean machine to help us achieve the best clean.

We offer anti-slip coating, anti- graffiti coating, oil base sealer coating as well as water base sealer coating to give the best out protection for floor surfaces.

We offer services in greater Brisbane area including Brisbane City, Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay, and Redland City. Aspen Services also provide services in Gold coast and Sunshine coast. Contact us to see if your area is covered.

There are several types of sealers such as water base sealers, colour enhancement sealers and oil bases sealers. At aspen services we choose the best so you can have a peace of mind. Our sealers come with 5 years to 15 years lifetime guarantee depending on the product you choose. We will discuss these options during your consultation.

Water base penetrating sealer and oil base sealers are the best to use in outdoor areas.

The sealant acts as a barrier which help reduce water in bathroom /kitchen areas from penetrating on to the tiles. Sealing grout lines therefore prevents moisture from lifting the tiles causing loose and chipped tiles. In addition, sealing protects from dirt, mildew and bacteria growth high humidity areas. Furthermore, sealing also help to reduce staining of grout lines thus aid in maintain the area.

We also provide stripping and sealing, cleaning and sealing, natural stone sealing, tile grout repair, silicon replacement, grout repairs, complete shower restorations, anti-slip treatments, regular machine scrubs, crack and chip tile replacements and many more.

If a quality sealer is used, then after cares is rather simple. To prevent any possible mould and dirty from accumulating simply wash down with water.