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Aspen Services are equipped with leading technology, tools, machinery and the expertise required to achieve exceptional concrete grinding and coating results for both commercial and private properties. With this service available to Brisbane and Gold Coast suburbs, you can now easily restore pre-existing concrete surfaces or newly laid our concrete to create a lasting polish by methods such as grinding or the application of an epoxy seal. Please follow the link to each service to find out further information or call us today to discuss these services with you.

Concrete grinding service offer

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Concrete grinding is a method whereby a specialised machine abrades the concrete surface to create a polished finish. This technique is suitable when removing irregularities of the concrete surfaces such as cracks, significant areas of wear and damage or for safely removing pre-existing coatings such as glues, paints and epoxy off concrete surfaces as well. Concrete grinding is also a crucial first step to achieving a smooth surface prior to floor installations such as tiling and carpeting. Whether we provide this service for your home, warehouse, or place of business, our team at Aspen Service are confident we can achieve your desired outcome of elegance and functionality of your space, so talk to us today to arrange a time for an inspection.

Epoxy Coating

Coating your floor with an epoxy resin is a cost-effective method which offers superior protection from future wear and tear, increasing the longevity and durability of the surface. An epoxy coating finish shields from harsh chemicals and heat, whilst offering other benefits such as feasibility of cleaning. Our team at Aspen Services are well-versed with the variety of epoxy resins available on the market, and will be able to recommend you with the best option upon inspection. From there, our experts will prepare the floor surface for the coating and complete the process with the application of the epoxy resin. Contact us to discuss this popular floor coating option with one of our friendly staff members at Aspen Services today!

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