Stain removal cleaning

Aspen Stain removal cleaning services offers services for permanently remove surface imperfections like rust, oil stains, efflorescence, paint splatters, and microbial growth. Although it can appear as an easy task that you could potentially carry out yourself, you must be mindful that each surface requires special care and products to achieve satisfying results. This is why we recommend that you place your trust in our experts at Aspen Services to carry out stain and imperfection removal for you. We are equipped with the knowledge, tools, products and machinery to cater to different types of surfaces and remove these imperfections without damaging your property. Call us to discuss these affordable options with you today!

The formation of rust occurs when metal surfaces made of iron, including metal alloys such as steel, are exposed to oxygen and moisture. If left without intervention, this phenomenon can lead to staining and corrosion of surfaces such as floors, walls, and pavers made of concrete and stone. Timely removal of rust stains not only improves the appearance of the space but also ensures the health and safety of those who use it. Our process of rust stain removal at Aspen Services includes the use of high-performance products to target corrosion, effective cleaning of the stains, and most importantly safeguard the area from future occurrences. Speak to one of our experts today about how you can make your home or business stained surfaces rust-free.

Since oil is used in numerous operations, activities and settings, many different surfaces can become inclined to an oil stain. These stains can be quite problematic as they can damage the surface if not cleaned in a prompt manner and are often quite difficult to remove. Fortunately, our technicians at Aspen Services are highly trained to be able to identify different types of oil stains and help you select the most effective product to remove the oil stain. Our experience in the field has exposed us to many different oil stained surfaces before at both private properties and industrial locations, We have the knowledge and tools to remove stains from a variety of surfaces such as machinery, carpets, walls, floors and pavements. Let us help you tackle your oil stains with ease and confidence, call us today!

At Aspen Services, we understand the importance of promptly attending to unintentional paint stains on concrete surfaces whether it was caused by an accident or due to unsolicited graffiti. Paints contain harsh chemicals which can be detrimental to the safety of our health and to our environment.

If the spill is fresh, our team will arrive at the site in a timely manner and contain the paint from seeping into the environment with absorbent material. The paint stain removal process involves the application of a paint lifting chemical product which allows us to effectively deep clean the concrete surface. The finished result after vacuum cleaning with our high-performance equipment will return the stained surface back to its original state. Speak to our team today about our paint removal service because your satisfaction is important to us, and we are confident we can provide you with exceptional outcomes!

Porous tiles are particularly prone to the phenomena of efflorescence, which is the formation of a coating of a water-soluble salt deposit on these surfaces. It appears as a white powder on the tile surface and if not removed in a timely manner it may lead to further complications such as staining, which in turn may require more dire renovations such as complete tile replacement. However, Aspen Services are able to provide you with an affordable solution to efflorescence. Our experienced technicians have a keen eye and will be able to help you with identifying areas affected with efflorescence. We will then employ techniques such as pressure cleaning, grouting and sealing to not only clean the affected surfaces, but also prevent efflorescence occurring again. Take advantage of this affordable and all-inclusive service with Aspen Services by inquiring today about efflorescence emoval!

At first glance, it appears that the build-up of moss, algae and mould on external surfaces simply makes the space look unattractive and neglected. However, these slippery surfaces can also pose a health hazard due to the possible risk of falls or cause adverse reactions to those who are exposed to these allergens. Aspen Services can tackle this overwhelming task with ease and help you eliminate this problem with our effective solutions. We will carry out a thorough inspection, apply a surfactant treatment targeted to remove the surface moss, algae and mould, followed by a high pressure clean to the affected areas. The results will leave you with an aesthetically pleasing space, which is safe and protected against future infiltration of these species. Do not delay, speak to one of our professionals today!