6 Must-Know Things about End of Lease Cleaning Services

When you choose to move out of your rental property after spending some of your most precious moments in it, it’s only right that you keep your previous property clean and pleasant for the next tenants. This not just helps you leave a good impression on the property owners, but also adds credibility to you as a good tenant in the market. But the end of lease cleaning can be a daunting task, especially when you are leaving a property. This is where a good end of lease cleaning service Brisbane comes to your rescue. Equipped with the best modern cleaning equipment, the right cleaning service provider can help you scrub off all the dirt and living proofs from your old property. So, here are six important factors that you should consider before you make your choice about which end of lease cleaning service provider you should choose.

1. Look for Referrals

With the market loaded with many end of lease cleaning service providers, you need to do a little research on the various cleaning service providers in your city. Look for references from your friends, neighbours, colleagues, or associates who previously have had their properties cleaned by a specific cleaning service provider. Checking the local newspaper or directory would also help you find some of the most reliable cleaning service providers in the city for your end of lease cleaning.

2. Check the Packages and Offers

Check the end of lease cleaning packages and offers provided by the different cleaning companies. Also, get to know about the variety of various cleaning services they provide. Once you have a list of the best deals offered, make sure you look for their years of experience in the business. After all, you don’t want to give the property to the cleaning staff who do not know their job perfectly or are not professionals.

3. Deep Cleaning Services

When you choose an end of lease cleaning service, make sure that they provide you with deep cleaning services that help remove all traces of dirt, dust, and marks from the floors, walls, furniture and carpets. Also, make sure they vacuum every nook and corner of the property that may have dirt deposits on them. Besides, ensure that the mattresses, lofts, and ceilings get cleaned.

4. Small Fixtures and Fittings

Ensure that the end of lease cleaning process also includes the cleaning of small fixtures and fittings such as the lights, ceiling fans, cupboards, and drawers. A highly professional end of lease cleaning service company will include these smaller fixtures in its cleaning services and offers. However, you need to pay close attention during the cleaning process so that you can make sure there are no stains left behind.

5. Final Inspection of the Property

Once the end of lease cleaning has been completed, ensure to check and inspect the property thoroughly before you hand over the keys to the landlord or the property manager. This will allow you to identify the damages that are left to be repaired. Also, if there are any stains left out by the cleaning service providers, you hold the absolute right to complain and have them cleaned again.

6. How Much Does the End оf Lease Cleaning Services Cost?

Many people get this false impression that end of lease cleaning service is costly, and they are better off taking care of the property themselves. But, in reality, end of lease cleaning services don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet because many things affect the cost of the end of leasing a cleaning service. For instance, In Australia, the average cost of an end of lease cleaning service is $240 to $270 for a standard 3-bedroom property, but the price can be affected by the state of the space. For example, If the property doesn’t need deep cleaning, the cost can significantly drop. If the condition of the house or apartment isn’t very good or has more complex areas and items to clean like the stains on the wall, the price for the cleaning service will be higher, like $410.


So, if you’re moving out of your old property, and don’t want to face the hassles of end of lease cleaning, then consider these six important factors to find the best end of lease cleaning service providers in your locality.