Top 5 Window Cleaning Tricks and Techniques

Do you love the look of your windows after they’ve been cleaned by a professional window cleaning service provider, but hate the way they seem to get dirty between cleanings? No matter how often you opt for a professional window cleaning service, the windows just won’t stay clean. Doing the cleaning by yourself with the home window cleaning solutions won’t give you the results like a professional window cleaning service, but they can maintain the state of your windows in the meantime. So, here are the five helpful home window cleaning hacks for you.

1. Newspaper / Microfiber Towel

Most people usually use the newspaper in their house like paper towels to clean or wipe off things. Actually, this is a smart and eco-friendly practice. But in our current digital era, newspapers are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. A handy alternative for newspapers is a coffee filter, but an even better option than that is a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels aren’t expensive and are completely washable, so, after cleaning your windows with microfiber towels you can wash and reuse them.

2. The Squeegee

Most of us want bright and clean windows, but we avoid cleaning our windows by ourselves because we are afraid of creating ugly streaks. Anyway, there is the best weapon against these evil streaks, yes, we’re talking about a good squeegee. However, handling a squeegee can be a tricky task so watch a few YouTube videos to learn the proper squeegeeing techniques and practice. You can buy a small squeegee for your window cleaning purpose. Also, remember to wipe the blade between each swipe to keep it clean and change the blade when it gets dull that will help you keep your windows brighter and streak-free.

3. Homemade Cleaners

Homemade cleaners can be a good balance of water, ammonia, and other household liquids. For an effective window cleaning, all you need is water, vinegar, and dish soap. Two parts water to one part vinegar and a few drops of dish-washing liquid will be enough to get positive results on your windows. Simply, Spray your windows with this homemade cleaner before wiping it away. Then rinse your window with water to avoid any film build-up from the dish soap.

4. Blackboard Eraser

Even after trying some of these window cleaning strategies, still, there are streaks that drive you insane, visit your local craft store and buy a new blackboard eraser. I know it sounds crazy, but, trust our words, rubbing it across your windows will get rid of those pesky streaks because blackboard erasers are designed for just this purpose, the soft texture can help you buff out those annoying streaks on your windows.

5. Use Alcohol for Perfect Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, perfection is in the details. Having a cleaned window is not enough, it should be in a condition that you are able to see clearly out of it from any angle, at any time of day. So, wipe your windows with a microfiber towel to remove the cleaner or water on the edges. If you have the remains of a sticker or decal on your windows, rubbing it with alcohol will help you to get the gunk off. Look through your window at every angle to get it cleaned to perfection.


Keeping your windows in a shiny state can be easier when you use these five window cleaning hacks to clean your windows. Also, remember that these cleaning hacks are only to be used for the interior cleaning process. Always leave any hard to reach windows to the professionals. As pleasant as it is to have clean and shining windows, it isn’t worth sacrificing your safety for.

6 Steps to Cleaning Windows Perfectly This 2022

If you have dirty windows and you want to clean them perfectly this 2022, there are a few things you should do to ensure they’re spotless in no time. Here are six steps to make sure your windows sparkle like new. Let’s check out the step-by-step window cleaning process!

1. Schedule A Day for Your Window Cleaning

When was your last window cleaning? If you have trouble remembering, it’s probably time to schedule a day for window cleaning. It’s important to keep your windows clean and dirt-free, so you can breathe easy. After you complete the window cleaning process, your windows will sparkle and you’ll wonder how you lived without regular maintenance of your windows for so long. Therefore, always allocate time to clean your windows.

2. First Clean the Dry Window Surface

First, clean dry window surfaces with a non-lint rag or microfiber cloth. A non-lint rag or microfiber cloth removes dust and debris without leaving behind excess fibers that can cause streaking. The excess cleaning agent can also cause streaks on glass and mirrors, so it’s important to blot windows dry with a clean cloth rather than wiping them down.

3. Prepare A Gentle Liquid Window Cleaning Solution

Use a gentle, non-ammonia window cleaning solution to avoid damaging or streaking your windows. Mix one part of dish soap and 2 parts of water to create a non-streaking, no-residue solution that won’t leave streaks or marks on your windows. Be sure to choose soap with no scent or dyes, as these can cause spots. Avoid products with bleach if possible. Instead, use vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio for maximum cleaning power without the damage risks from harsh chemicals.

4. Using A Sponge Wet the Window Glass

Most people use a dry cloth or rag when cleaning windows, but using a wet sponge will make your window cleaning much easier. The combination of water and mild detergent provides just enough lubrication to keep streaks at bay. Simply apply the window cleaning solution to your sponge (never directly onto your glass), then gently scrub with an up-and-down motion until you have cleaned all surfaces. Make sure to wipe off any excess soap so that it doesn’t leave spots behind when it dries!

5. Squeegee The Window Glass

Windows are most often cleaned using a squeegee, which is a rectangular piece of rubber attached to a long wooden handle. Wet your window thoroughly, then squeeze excess water off it with a lint-free cloth (using quick up-and-down motions). Now, when you’re applying the squeegee: Starting at the top, drag it straight down with steady pressure. If there’s excess water on your window after you’ve used the squeegee, use a microfiber towel to wipe it away. Don’t forget to do those little square things on each side of your windows too!

6. Clean The Window Frame

Make sure you are scraping off any excess grime from around your window frame. You can use a painter’s tool for that, but a dry rag or paper towel will work just as well (and save you some cash). Use a scrub brush or stiff-bristled broom to clean any cobwebs out of your window frames as well. You may find that if you go at it often enough, spiders won’t want to build webs there anymore and will move on elsewhere.


These six steps can be very easy to remember and follow when you’re cleaning windows. When done properly, your windows will sparkle with new shine! But, in your busy lifestyle, if you have no time for the window clean, you can always hire a professional window cleaning service provider who will make the job easier for you.